Liat Steir-Livny, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer. Holocaust Studies, Film Studies & Cultural Studies  


Upcoming Conferences

July 2020: Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

Yad Vashem Summer workshop for scholars - Introspection:
Jewish Ego-Documents and the Question of Responsibility

Yad Vashem

June 2020: New York’s Center for Jewish History, New York, USA

2020 Biennial Scholars Conference on American Jewish History


November 2020: Bar Ilan University, Israel

Researchers Remember: Research as an Arena of Memory for Offspring of Holocaust Survivors (Commemorating the 82nd anniversary of "Kristallnacht")

November 2020: Salzburg, Austria

Children as victims of sexual and sexualised violence in the Second World War and its aftermath

Previous Conferences

March 2020: The University of North Carolina Wilmington

No Respect: Jewish Humor around The World

March 2020: Estonian Literary Museum, Estonia

Between Individual and Collective Trauma


January 2020: Bar Ilan University, Israel

Depicting Violated Jewish Women During the Holocaust - In Memory of Nava Semel

September 2019: Berlin, Germany

Jewish-Polish-German realms of memory. A triple neighborhood


June 2019: Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee

Association for Israel Studies


March, 2019, Wroclaw, Poland

The public in public and applied history, Wroclaw, Poland

December 2018: Vienna, Austria

2nd Global Conference: Migrations and Diasporas

December 2018: Jerusalem, Israel

The Time Dimension During and Regarding the Holocaust: In Real-Time and in Retrospect

Yad vaShem

November 2018: Los Angeles, California

New Perspectives on Kristallnacht: After 80 Years, the Nazi Pogrom in Global Comparison,

University of Southern California

November 2018: St. Louis, Missouri

15th Biennial Lessons and Legacies Conference, Global Perspectives and National Narratives

Washington University

October 2018: St. Petersburg Russia

5th International Research Conference Mechanisms for Formation of Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones

September 2018: Gdansk, Poland

2nd "Dreams, Phantasms and Memories" International Interdisciplinary Conference

July 2018: Krakow, Poland

11th Congress of the EAJS


July 2018: Jerusalem, Israel

Your brother?s blood cries out to me Face-to-Face Killings During the Holocaust, Workshop

Yad vashem

May 2018: Edinburgh, Scotland

Madness, Mental Illness and Mind Doctors in 20th and 21st Century Pop Culture

University of Edinburgh

April 2018: Murfreesburo, Tennessee

MTSU Holocaust and Genocide Studies Conference, Middle Tennessee State University, USA

Middle Tennessee State University

January 2018: London, England

Beyond Camps and Forced Labour conference, Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism

Birkbeck, University of London

November 2017: Charlottesville, Virginia

Questions in Holocaust testimonies research

the University of Virginia

November 2017: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The 2017 Film & History Conference

Film & History

September 2017: Wroclaw, Poland

EAIS 6th Annual Conference

European Association of Israel Studies

August 2017: Jerusalem, Israel

The 17th World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Israel

World Union of Jewish Studies

June-July 2017: Glasgow, Scotland

Dark Tourism Sites related to the Holocaust, the Nazi Past and World War II: Visitation and Practice Conference

Glasgow Caledonian University

May-June 2017: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

The Rethinking of Religious Belief in the Making of Modernity

International Society of Intellectual History

May 2017: Thessaloniki, Greece

Film AdaptationL Theory, Practices, Reception

May 2017: London, England

Zionism and Antisemitism International Conference

Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism

April 2017: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Heritages of Migration: Moving Stories, Objects and Home

December 2016: San Diego, California

Association of Jewish Studies


December 2016: Jerusalem, Israel

The Second International Oral History Conference

July 2016: Zalzburg, Austria

Children and War: Past and Present


June 2016: New York, New York

The 2016 Biennial Scholars Conference on American Jewish History


June 2016: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

NAPH International conference on Hebrew language and literature

the National Association of Professors of Hebrew

June 2016: Jerusalem, Israel

Fifth Global Conference of the International Network of Genocide Scholars


June 2016: Dublin, Ireland

International Humor conference


May 2016: Warsaw, Poland

Representing Jewish History in European and American Popular Culture, Museums and Public Spaces

University of Social Sciences and Humanities Warsaw

May 2016: Israel

The 3rd International Experts conference on Holocaust Education in the 21 Century

The Massuah Institute for Holocaust Studies

March 2016: Akko, Israel

The Future of Holocaust Testimonies IV, An International Conference and Workshop

January 2016: Eilat, Israel

2nd International Conference on Loss, Bereavement & Human Resilience in Israel and the World: Facts, Insights & Implications

November 2015: Madison, Wisconsin

Journeys, Detors, Breakdowns

Film & History

November 2015: Raanana, Israel

The 2nd International Conference of the Open University of Israel for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide

The Open University, Israel

October 2015: Berkeley, California

6th International Conference on the Image, Media Materiality: Towards Critical Economies of ?New? Media

October 2015: Zurich, Switzerland

Pop! Goes the Tragedy: The Eternal Return of Friedrich Nietzsche in Popular Culture

the Department of Art & Media, Zurich University of the Arts

June 2015: Oakland, California

International Humor conference


May 2015: Cluj, Romania

Provocation as Art. Scandal, Shock and Sexuality in Contemporary Visual Culture

2nd Ekphrasis Conference on Cinema and Visual Culture

April 2015: Krakow, Poland

The Holocaust and the Contemporary World international conference

June 2012: Haifa, Israel

AIS Conference

Association for Israel Studies

June 2011: Boston, Massachusetts

AIS Conference

Association for Israel Studies

July 2010: New York City, New York

NAPH International conference on Hebrew language and literature

the National Association of Professors of Hebrew

July 2009: London, England

NAPH International conference on Hebrew language and literature

the National Association of Professors of Hebrew

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