Liat Steir-Livny, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer. Holocaust Studies, Film Studies & Cultural Studies  


Remaking Holocaust Memory

Documentary Cinema by Third-Generation Survivors in Israel

Syracuse University Press, 2019

Since the late 1990s in Israel, third-generation Holocaust survivors have become the new custodians of cultural memory, and the documentary films they produce play a major role in shaping a societal consensus of commemoration.  Remaking Holocaust Memory, a pioneering analysis of third-generation Holocaust documentaries in Israel, investigates films that have been screened in Israel, Europe, and the United States, appeared in numerous international film festivals, and won international awards, but have yet to receive significant academic attention. The book shows how the “absolute truths” that appeared in the majority of second-generation films are deconstructed and disputed in the newer films, which do not dismiss their “cinematic parents’ ” approach but rather rethink fixed notions, extend the debates, and pose questions where previously there had been exclamation marks. 

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