Liat Steir-Livny, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer. Holocaust Studies, Film Studies & Cultural Studies  


Illegal immigration in The Illegals

Liat Steir-Livny 2006

Iyunim Bitkumat Israel

The article analyses Meir Levin's film "The Illegals" (1948). It is the only film that documented real time illegal immigration. The article tells the film's production fantastic story and explains how failed distribution methods prevented it from reaching the audience in time.

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Holocaust commemoration, Holocaust remembrance, Holocaust representations, collective memory, illegal immigration, cinema, Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, AFH, British mandate, Meir Levin, The illegals


Steir-Livny, Liat. "Illegal immigration in The Illegals". Iyunim Bitkumat Israel. vol.15, Ben-Gurion Institute, 2006, pp 393-412 [Hebrew].

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