Liat Steir-Livny, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer. Holocaust Studies, Film Studies & Cultural Studies  


Holocaust Satire on Israeli TV: the Battle against Canonic Memory Agents

Liat Steir-Livny 2016

Gdańsk Journal of Humanities (Jednak Książki. Gdańskie Czasopismo Humanistyczne)

This paper analyzes the changes in the attitude towards Holocaust satire and humor in Israel. The case study includes three skits by The Chamber Quintet (Hahamishia Hakamerit, "Matar" Productions, Channels 2-Tela'ad, Channel 1, 1993-1997) which were the first that dared to use satire in order to criticize Holocaust memory agents in Israel. This paper focuses on this primeval critique through theories of trauma and secondary trauma. Contrary to perceptions that these satirical skits disrespect the Holocaust and its survivors, this paper maintains that these skits do not engage at all with the Holocaust itself, but rather with the question of Holocaust memory: the skits criticize the way in which collective memory agents exploit and disrespect its memory

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Israeli culture, Holocaust commemoration, Holocaust remembrance, Holocaust representations, collective memory, Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, Holocaust satire, Holocaust humor, black humor, gallows humor.


Steir-Livny, Liat. "Holocaust Satire on Israeli TV: the Battle against Canonic Memory Agents". Gdańsk Juornal of Humanities (Jednak Książki. Gdańskie Czasopismo Humanistyczne). No 6, 2016, pp. 197-212.

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